Songwriting Award – “Lately”

Scott recently earned himself an international award for song writing via the Song Of The Year ( contest for the May 2006 competition round for his song “Lately”.

The competition picks a winner and four finalists for each category per month. “Lately” won for in the “Rock” category for May 2006 and will be one of twelve judged at the end of the year. However, for now Hinkson’s award is that the tune and contact information will be sent out to music resources including labels, publishers, promoters, management companies, and more. Top yearly winners will be judged by an elite panel of judges consisting of Grammy Award winners as well as individuals from Rolling Stone, ABC television, and more. Feature judges include Norah Jones, Sheila E, Tim Palmer (U2, INXS, Faith Hill) among others.

After gaining regular airplay up to 20 spins a week for both Lately and his first single Everything Solo on FREQ 107 and Q94 FM respectively, Hinkson recently released his third and forth singles across Canada for “Amber” and “The Bow Song”.

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