ONE BESIDE TWO and Surrounded movie placement

Hinkson disappeared into the fade in 2009 and 2010 taking a much needed break after his 2nd release, THE TORRENT SESSIONS – the album’s highlighted success was “Contamination Day”, a pounding rocker that earned a spot CTV/NBC’s “The Listener” and Power 97’s “River City Rawks” compilation and #61 out of their Top 97 songs for the 2008 year. “Surrounded” was also featured on Sean Garrity’s top-notch film “Zooey and Adam”.

Scott returns refreshed with a varied sound on 2011’s release ONE BESIDE TWO, his 3rd album balanced with half new material and some older material. The result is a more organic sounding record, highlighting Hinkson’s voice and writing abilities. More mellow and slightly darker than the previous two releases, ONE BESIDE TWO paints landscapes of loss, recovery, and struggle within – all through an overall simplified sound, yet still accented with his ambient, haunting leads, and the moodiness that defines his production style.